A brief stop at Umreth July 2010 - some images

The tussle of the two Asian Open Bills

and the retreat
We were drawn to a halt at a roadside village pond in Umreth  by its generous peppering of the blacks and whites of cormorants , openbills and herons. There were about 150-200 of them around and we could watch them and a group of children enjoying the cool waters. The landscape was making the most of the stingy monsoons it received and goading on the shy sprouting greens into its varied hues. Lapwings and Egrets (Cattle, Intermediate and Great) were plentiful in  most fields along the road. But this gathering was nothing like the other sights. 

We also caught a glimpse of some beautiful fishing attempts of two Pied Kingfishers who settled at distance just long enough to get this image.

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