Lets Paint

Guilt has been gnawing at eachtime I icaught sight of the paints brushes and paper lying at home. I had found these treasures after a lot of scouting in Saiha and finally found them in Aizwal. The idea was to doodle around a bit and keep boredom at bay. But thankfully I was not bored often enough to warrant much use of these.

Had been contemplating giving it to the kids who drop in every once in a while , but then again there was not enough to go around. So this week when a small bunch landed home we let lose the colors. I'd decided on just handing it over to them without any suggestions on what to paint or how to use. Well they took to corners and sides of the chart and it seemed enough for all.
Initially, all bottles were opened and colors tested and their appeal could by judged by scrunched up faces or some excited shriek. A little paint on the paper a lot on each other finally they set to what seemed like serious business. I loitered around and came back for a dekho in a while and found the TV to be the most popular image.

I'm hoping its cause the straight lines are easier to paint! 

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