Letting it all in

The curtains here seem to borrow the softer shades of the landscape around. Whites, the lightest hues of pinks and greens flitter around the windows.  Laces, satin and sheer net seem to be favorites, swaying and singing with the gentle breeze that caresses the hills around. Its lighthearted softness combined with the warmth of wood planked walls and floors offer such peace.

I derive great pleasure from gazing at these every time I have the fortune of visiting a home.  This time round when traveled from my  home in Saiha to Aizwal I noticed that most town markets en route have at least one shop with these dangling. You find them with hawkers selling Burmese goods, in furnishing stores and also in the second hand bazaars.  I’m yet to see one that wasn’t the sheer -flowy variety. A very welcome change (most things here are that- a very welcome change) from the drapes in other cities I’ve lived in that keep out all the elements. But of course the elements here are much worthier of welcoming home and these screens offer only a token resistance like the hesitation in accepting the first touch of a beloved.