A reader's review (for the lack of another term)
Is unlike a critics , in the sense that with each time a text is read by the reader  it takes on a different meaning. Nuances previously unobserved come to the fore, some newer lines of reflection shine bright. This is my attempt to capture some of these thoughts and experiences of reading some books. With each time i read a book (yes I 've come to the habit of reading the some of the books a couple of times) newer thoughts will emerge. So like this page , the reviews will remain a work in progress.  
Since, recommendations from friends and like minded people have guided me to many a good book , i figured i'd return the favour.  All these posts can be found somewhere on the homepage (All posts page) , but reorganizing the links for people who are looking particularly for books.
P.S This Page will always be a work in progress, with far less books reviewed than read and coming soon list.

New Life Vijay Dan Detha
Click here for review

Kabir, The Weaver Poet-Jaya Madhavan 
The Myna from Peacock Garden
Naiyer Masud

Nono , The Snow Leopard 
Pranav Trivedi 
and Maya Ramaswamy

Four Corners Multiple Translation Series
Ananda, A Widows Son & Adab

Charandas Chor, Habib Tanvir

Scoop Wallah, Life in a Delhi Daily
Justine Hardy