A walk around the campus- I

Some images from around the campus

Laughing doves- serene but ironically humourless presence

Parakeets- Raiders of our Guava tree

Peacocks are by far the easiest to spot on the campus , considering everyone knows where to find them and what time of the day. Starting about sunrise they troop into the compound males and females strutting around and giving out their haunting cries.  Our last walk out at daybreak had us staring in surprise to about 7 of them walking past out kitchen door!!  The laundry area is a favourite haunt of theirs and you find them doing a lil dance on the roof when the weather is favorable or just a group of them taking in the morning sights. Very often your walk will be interrupted by the unsightly and strenuous looking flight of one, either to or from the herbarium.

By the time the hospital kicks into action they just about disappear from vision but their call can still reach you. .

Yellow Footed Green Pigeons- I saw them for the first time in this trip

Purple Sunbird

I have no idea who this is...but i like this image

A peacock playground at dawn and clothesline by day

Green Bee Eater

Red vented bulbul

hmmm...which ones mine?


Brown headed Barbert

These are my personal favourites- they're all around the place and very relaxing to watch

On my last trip , I thought I saw a bird that resembled a hornbill, but was quick to chide myself into disbelieving my eyes. A hornbill in middle of Delhi? But this time round I had many second the sighting and finally managed a picture ( a rather poor one) of it. I understand that apart from the twosome that I saw, there are two young ones too!

The Indian Grey Hornbill

 Indian Koel