9th Jan - Drawing

One of the activities we'd thought of while the children continued to visit us was drawing. This again was something Nimesh and John took up with the schools around as a part of conservation education. The group visiting us was definitely on leave from school and we thought ideas like the film and drawing sessions would not only entertain them but also provide an opportunity to talk about wildlife and forests.

About ten children came in to draw and  magazines were scattered around for them to pick up images they would like to copy. There was no pressure to draw anything in particular.  Most children over the eight years tried to attempt at a picture from the magazines while the younger ones were more comfortable drawing homes!

Remrem at her focussed best.

We had  had about an equal number of children outside the house peering and peeking inside but hesitant to walk in despite our invitation. Many came up to the door giggled and sprinted away. It was quite festive, the colours, excited chirpy voices inside and out!

A child called Zuali has been a regular in her visits. I was surprised when she declined paper and crayons saying she didn't want to draw, but even more pleasantly surprised when I saw her rushing around from one child to the other giving suggestions and comments, bringing our attention to broken pencils and the need for sharpeners or erasers . I don't remember ever having such classmates or friends, who'd not only be happy in not participating (voluntarily) but also derive joy by actively helping the others. As far as my interactions as a child or my informal interactions with a group children are concerned this was a fairly new and delightful experience.


                                              This is Zuali studyting the drawing of Puipuia.

When all were done with the never ending finishing touches we wrapped up by putting up the drawings on the wall and door.

Since then we've had many young visitors pass by to take a look at the drawings. The group also bring in their friends for a dekho.

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