Gulaal and what followed

Watched Gulaal last year about this time and loved the film. The charector played by Piyush Mishra had me enthralled.  Wrote this after watching the film.

What separates the voice of mania from normalcy?
They dwell under one roof
Offspring’s of the same womb
Sisters conjoined

Normalcy hears her other's wailing song,
Is habituated (or so she thinks) ….to her lament
Smiles and humors her
Benevolent and feeds her

Then annoyed, threatens her

Mania in her rapture unaffected by these affections and afflictions bestowed
In seeming rapture, but she watches and reads -speaks truths that her kin won’t hear
In her crazed songs she weaves
Images that normalcy fears to see
Her intonations echoing the alternate truths , those that her sibling doesn’t perceive

They turn up- discomforting her -reminding her that all demons are not to rest
Like the many coffee mugs in my house, no matter how many I wash, there are more that my patience test

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