Kawlchaw once again

Visited Kawlchaw again in the the third week of January. I was still semi ticklish about the thermocol balls instance. This time around I was left to my own device and had the camera as a companion. Kao has been reduced to the trickle of large bladder but the ruckus it creates in the flow is almost equivalent to the stone crushers around. Kaladan still flows almost akin to my last visit. 

The trickle of the Kao

Spent some time sitting at a spot where the two meet and watched boys cast their tattered nets and bring it up empty. But they seemed to just enjoy just rowing up and down the shores.

Fishing in Kaladan

Took a walk along the bank and through the market on one side, quietened my growling hunger with some Chow and walked across the bridge down the other bank and settled myself in a manner where I was out of sight for the bathing shrieking children. Sat around trying to decode the camera’s features and then just watched the to and fro rowing.

The bridge across the Kaladan

The tripod attracted too much attention from the children some of whom ran about heralding my arrival shouting ‘ Tv ‘ ... ‘TV’ ...‘TV Camera’. Sufficiently embarrassed I put the eye sore away. The water as usual was soothing to the nerves , regretted not taking a dip but the full -bladder -trickle of Kao couldn’t tempt me enough , while the Kaladan had already been claimed by a boat and the bathing children. Watching the action from the sidelines is just as enriching.

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