More the merrier

6th Jan
They were back, but in hoardes! A commotion outside our front door made me take a peak. In a semi constructed house just opposite our own there were about 15 children! I then noticed that at the point most visible from our door, they had set up kitchen again, and were handling the task in manner which took care that I had almost unobstructed view! I think, they thought of the activity as bait! What they also wanted I got a sense of was to introduce their new friends. The ones who were known to me yelled out my name in greeting and soon it was a chorus of sorts, Vidya made some vague gestures which I thought meant camera and I promptly obeyed him. By the time I got back with the camera the kitchen play had been abandoned and a group song was in process!

The half built house across our own serving as stage.

We couldn’t do much shouting across to each other so they decided to come over to where I was. A few found the prospect uncomfortable and about 10 of then turned up including a three month old strapped to the back of a nine year old! They looked around office and seemed to love the posters made out of drawings of children. The original four lead the others around the place, supplied all with magazines, chatted a bit. Then we sat outside and there were impromptu performances of song and dance and I gather that for my benefit they picked English songs to sing and Hindi songs to dance. The sensitivity extended really took me by surprise as did the spur of the moment fashion show! Then like the last time (yesterday) they raced out yelling bye-byes and thank you way promising to drop by tomorrow.

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