Back in Saiha

I’m back at my window, gazing at not so far away Lawngtlai, feeling the peace and content associated with this space I’ve come to call as home. We’ve spent some beautiful days with my sister here. Watching Saiha and Lawngtlai play hide and seek with the sometimes fluffy and often misty clouds as aides. 

The three of us decided to work around the rains and pay a visit to the Kolodyne and its faithful refill Kao. A walk on the banks saw many a frog leap away for the cover of muddy pools. Unable to resist anymore we splashed around in Kao as the tiny but enthusiastic rivulet threatened to push us  into the more intimidating Kaladan. Many a stumbles and mild panics later, we wedged ourselves between stones and rocks and tried a hand at our long forgotten childhood water games.

What the monsoons do to some people and rivers? They make some of us and most rivers decidedly younger and enthused. Like Nimesh’s Ma wanting to sit out on the verandah and get drenched; me wanting to just spread out my arms and soak; the swishing sway in the Kolodyne’s flow; or filling out the youthful Kao’ s rush.

In still some other’s it brings back murky remains of a path that was once crossed, very akin to the muddy waters gushing in the Kolodyne from  banks it had left behind and of the banks of its now that it threatens to break. Our connections reactions to the monsoons are mirrored by all around.

What the monsoons do to the children in the neighborhood is great. Siesta’s break to the sound of shrieking laughter. The group is out playing making most of the while that the sun is out and humouring the light drizzles. 

I’m back home and so are the rains and yes it can’t be said enough ……I’m loving it!

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  1. Finally i read ur blog....... and as i was going through it i realised tht I HAVE read ur previous post's.
    I like this post..... do u know why......cause u've mentioned me in it.... gee ha ha.

    I LIKE IT.