A Mara Chief's legacy

A friend took us to her home last month . Her Grandfather and his brother were chiefs of some villages in Saiha. Their home to me was like a mini museum full of musical instruments, baskets , and urns and jars passed through generations. Just putting up some images from there. Thanks to Jeniffer and her family for having us over.  For more information on the significance of these pieces read The Lakher's N.E Perry , thats what uncle (Jeniffer's father) recommends too!


  1. Very good pictures...
    For me the north is still a dream!
    All the photographs are filled with curiosity on
    what would be the song they might sing...

  2. Thanks Saneesh!

    Your observation on the curiosity bit is spot on!

    Feel like a voyeur occasionally!

  3. Hi Roshni, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us. The instruments here are perfect for Mara famous dances like "Sawlakia" (Sarlamkai in Mizo), Athi La(Death dance) and others.

  4. Thanks!

    I could only witness the dancing last christmas and as we were packing up i could here the drums into the night.... announcing the advent of the evening dances of the season...