Quirky Christmas

An unusual crib,  put together with a lot of ingenuity. The crib makes the tableau of the birth of Jesus less solemn , more interesting and well ...definitely quite quirky. Merry Christmas! Its great to be home.

All of these images are of one crib, put together by the laundry department of Holy Family Hospital. Walking around the campus at this time of the year is quite exciting as each department puts up its own crib. While some are the standard cardboard - box - hay structures with confetti-tinsel- streamers thrown around , there are others like this one where whatever is available in and around the workplace and homes is put to  use. Thermocol boxes to make chariots , penguins and parrots upon the same branch, a girl at a well created probably just to use up an old chaniya choli!There was no clear reason as to why a crocodile should be a part of this scene , but someone felt its presence would add value and there it was. In fact to accommodate it better a stream was created before the stable - complete with water in it and a bridge over it. The Croc evidently  moved around  quite a bit as we never found it in the same place twice. It also probably got more attention than baby Jesus.

I didn't get around to seeing all the pieces on campus, but this one was worth each minute I spent on it. 

A camel cart with dolls as passengers. The lovely dates'  of the very wise men?

The guest list for this birthday was quite eclectic, it included , a Crocodile , a tortoise,  some fish and a penguin apart from the regulars (cattle, donkeys , camels and sheep)
A frightful stare from the angel seems to have had its effect in freezing the other players , apart from the curious baby Jesus.

A pretty young thing at the village well.

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