Its Bazaar Day in Saiha

I keep telling myself , I'll put up this post when I click better images. Unfortunately time's running out and i decided to just put up what I have and keep updating as an when. Saturday Bazaar finally graces my blog!

I have no clue what these are, I'm warned of how sour they are but am drawn to them by virtue of their warm color

Garlic from Lunglei
Tomatoes from Silchar, Assam and Shantawk (excuse my spelling ) from Saiha.

Cabbage and Yam-

Local Sugarcane

Ginger- Local and with a skin so soft that it peels when you wash the mud of it!  
Beans- local again and sold in pre measured bundles like pretty much all other vegetables here.

Bananna Flower- Local and available quite regularly. 

The plentiful greens! Tasted many and clueless about the rest 

The smaller catch is from the Kaladan which flows through Kawlchaw about 35 Km from Saiha.

The larger ones have traveled over 3000 km all the way from Andhra Pradesh
If you cannot make it to the market. The veggies come to you! Often women go door to door with a basket full of greens

And in case it is the basket that your heart desires, well that too you might find on a Bazaar day (Saturdays)!

Wrap up the trip with some ice cream, or better still watch the toddlers wolf them down!


  1. Have been an avid reader of this blog. I know I have not commented as much as I should have but then it's never too late......
    The blog has indeed grown. I love not only the beautiful photographs but the wonderful description weaved around them. I have been to the north-east only once (going for a second time very soon!!) and reading this blog has always brought back pleasant memories of the richness in flora and fauna and the warmth of the people.

    And this post on the bazaar was the most touching as I had clicked so many bazaar photographs myself - of vegetables that I couldn't name, and insects/animals (displayed alongside the vegetables) that I was not sure I could eat!

    1. Thank you ! I'm sorry I have just seen your comment after all these years ...I moved my blog elsewhere and lost track. Thanks so much

  2. The first photo i think is of beetul nuts that go with pan

    1. Mitali thanks ! I had stopped notifications on this blog as i had moved my writing ..I came back to this today as I'm visiting Mizoram after a decade ...thanks for clarifying! I didn't know this then