The Myna From Peacock Garden , Naiyer Masud, Review

Simply charming illustrations , to go along with this simple tale of a frail hearted father's promise to his daughter. A Hill Myna to love and to keep. 

After his wife's death, Kale Khan roams the streets of Lucknow in a haze and finally lands a job in the Royal Peacock Garden. What his daughter Falak Ara desires most is a Hill Myna and faced with the responsibility of caring for 40 such birds for the Badhshah, Kale Khan contemplates swiping one from the Badhashah many! Vivid descriptions of the garden and the kings men and the streets of Lucknow find a suitable companion in the illustrations by Premola Ghose. The simple plot unfurling so vividly keeps me hooked through the 40 odd pages of this tale by Naiyer Masud . The tale ends with some indications of more stories to come. Tell me more! I'm almost pleading.   

This little pet hill myna I saw in Chaltlang , Aizawl comes to mind as i write this note. Pretty lonely in its lovely cage , whether its in Aizawl or in Lucknow with Kale Khan.  

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