Ngengpui in a Dug Out II- Some Images

For a post on the trip itself- Visit the previous post
The road in the campus of  Lawngtlai Wildlife Division - A baby flying squirrel seems to have tumbled from one of these trees, much to the delight of the people on campus. The mother was around and the two were united soon , hearing the delightful descriptions itself was a treat. 

Ngengpui Guest House - A great place to stay at - apart from the treasure that the campus itself is a highlight is  the forest and a small  bazaar being just a hop skip and jump away. 

Ngengpui River- Surreal on a winter misty morning- just enough water for our trip

Sanga- Leading the Dugout , Niam is rowing at the rear end . Enthusiastic and informative guides on our trip 

Sambar the Dugout- Brunch Break


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for these pictures Nimesh. Pictures, that take me down the memory lane. Remember lying on the open camp, next to the foot print of an elephant,on the bank of the Ngengpui River and listening to BBC News after a-day-long field-work. Are elephants still around?


  2. Hi! Will definitely pass on your message to Nimesh! Elephants are still around from what we heard in our visit.

    Thanks for stopping by.